Friday, 16 March 2012

For Your Consideration - The Rare Tea Company

As far as I'm concerned tea and cake is one of lifes true affordable luxuries, so it's with some embarrassment that I admit to only recently becoming interested in premium teas. I've tried a few from different companies, both large and small, but my favourite is by far the selection from the Rare Tea Company. 

Their teas are outstanding, with a wonderful freshness balanced with a deep flavour and fragrant aroma. The selection available is consistently high quality but what I really love is that there seems to a tea available for everyone, be it fans a fragrant exotic teas such as Jasmine, herbal tea aficionados, or even tea novices such as myself. They also have limited edition and guest teas for those wanting something a bit different. I would have said for those wanting something a bit special but all their teas are special! 

The Rare Tea Company sources their teas from Asia, Africa and even the UK. Obtained directly from small producers and fairly traded their teas are also responsibly shipped, stored and packaged. So, there really is no excuse not to give them a go. Just don't forget about the cake!

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