Friday, 12 August 2016

Memoirs of a Gentleman Baker - Chapter 3, SIZO-1

Following a somewhat regrettable incident involving a hamster, two litres of liquid nitrogen and the Dutch embassy I spent an unfortunate six months as a guest of the Belarusian prison service. After no short amount of negotiation I was able to avoid the unimaginable and enjoy a few short hours a week baking in the sparse prison kitchens. Even armed with the most meagre of tools (a single loaf tin, basic utensils and a few scavenged dishes) I found it surprisingly elementary to create a surfeit of satisfying slices which, when shared resulted in a markedly more comfortable stay. As with you I was happy to share my recipes with my fellow inmates and even now the SIZO-1 Detention Centre’s coffee mornings are quite the highlight of the Minsk social calendar...

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  1. If you're just checking if anyone is out there, it worked!