Sunday, 16 April 2017

Oh bread, how I love thee...

Bread is by far my favourite food, both to eat and to make. The process is a joy, from the tactile pleasure of kneading and shaping the soft dough, to the nervous anticipation of the rising and baking. It is tremendous fun and every bread I bake fills me with both satisfaction and pride.


To eat freshly baked bread is a sensory feast without parallel. There is nothing quite like the smell of bread baking in the kitchen. Both comforting and seductive, the mouth-watering aroma is as tantalising as it is possible to be. Research has shown that the smell of bread not only makes us hungrier, but happier, even kinder and that is with good reason.

Every bread you make will be an individual, no two are alike and the sight of a freshly made, just baked loaf will always cause a stir amongst your guests, friends or family. The sound of the crisp crust shattering as it is torn or sliced only further intensifies the excitement of what is to follow. And what is to follow is nothing short of spectacular.

To describe the taste and texture of just baked bread is an impossible task, with a near limitless palette of possibilities at ones disposal. Be it nourishing and satisfying, rich and complex, sweet or savoury there is a bread for every occasion and each delicious and distinctive in it’s own way.

For me though that is what makes bread so special. Everyone I know loves bread, from young children enjoying a jam sandwich at lunch, to top restaurants employing the most complex artisanal techniques to produce unusual and original creations. It’s accessible to all, unpretentious and simple to make, yet even starting with the easiest of recipes the possibilities are endless...

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