Friday, 16 September 2011

Necessary Reading – Leon: Baking and Puddings

I’ve been waiting for this book for weeks and now it has arrived, wow it does not disappoint. As expected it’s beautifully presented and sumptuously illustrated. Tools, techniques, ingredients and of course recipes are all comprehensively covered. The explanations are detailed but easy to follow and it’s full of wonderful little touches such as conversion charts and ‘first aid’ (What to do when it all goes wrong). The recipes themselves range from everyday savoury staples to elaborate sweet celebration treats and include practically everything the home baker could ever wish for. Be it cakes, breads, jams, even ice cream, you’ll find it here.

However, by far my favourite part of this book is the small personal touches dotted throughout. Stories, experiences and tributes are all lovingly shared and you get a real sense that the authors are not just experts in the subject matter, but have a love for all that accompanies it.

This may not be the only baking book you’ll ever need, but if you had to buy just one you’d be hard pressed to top this. It’s a really, really brilliant book.

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