Friday, 30 September 2011

Necessary Reading - Short & Sweet

Alright I admit it, my cookbook collection is big and looking at it you'd have thought there's no way I needed any more. However, it's books like the fantastic Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard that helpfully illustrate that it will never be too big. This book is brilllllllllllllliant, choc full of wonderful recipes. Practically everything the home baker needs is covered, be it savoury, sweet, traditional or exotic. The illustrations are clear, unpretentious and enticing, exactly like the recipes themselves and there is wealth of helpful tips and techniques included. What I really love about this book is all the extra information accompanying the recipes, which show the author not only knows his stuff, but really cares about each and every recipe. Considering there are more than 280 of them included in this bumper tome, that's no mean feat. So, even if you're convinced you have no more room in your bookcase find a space to cram this one in. I promise you will not regret it!

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