Thursday, 16 February 2012

For Your Consideration - The Grenada Chocolate Company

The Grenada Chocolate Company is an award winning producer of high quality chocolate. Founded as a cooperative between organic cocoa farmers and artisan chocolate makers, it has been producing high quality chocolate since 1999 from its factory in the Grenadian rainforest. Made in small batches using unique processing methods, the cocoa used is grown naturally and locally, free from chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. 

So most importantly, how does it taste? Well to say I have been semi converted from Valrhona to this should be enough of an endorsement alone. The flavour is rich and deep, with a complexity you only really find in the best chocolate. Aside from the heady cocoa taste and a slightly bitter nip, there is a wonderful fruitiness that lingers in the mouth. The texture itself is also challenging to the point that it's hard to explain. It is initially firm, with a satisfying bite that yields to a velvety creaminess. I've always thought that proper chocolate should taste and feel like an organic, almost natural product and this definitely fits the bill. When used in cooking it doesn't disappoint, with the complex flavour lending itself brilliantly to a range of cakes and desserts, adding a dimension beyond that of lesser chocolate.

Grenada Chocolate Company chocolate is available in selected supermarkets and speciality shops. Despite being a small producer it's bars are big on flavour and texture, so if you haven't already you really should try and get hold of a bar or two yourself!

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