Friday, 3 February 2012

For Your Consideration - Naked Jam

There are so many great places and producers out there that don't get the credit or publicity they deserve, so I thought I'd start a feature highlighting some of the artisan food heroes I've been lucky enough to stumble across.

I wanted to start this off with something special and naked jam is definitely that. Founded by award winning jam and conserve champion Jennifer Williams, this small Hampshire company makes jams and conserves that are big on flavour and high in quality. Hand made in small batches, the fruits that are used are all locally sourced or foraged from the New Forest, which ensures each batch has its own unique character and flavour. This also means that her product range changes with the seasons and use fruits including blackberries and plums, crab apples, damsons and even bullaces. 

Despite using traditional methods and ingredients, the end products are exciting and innovative. I've just annihilated a jar of yellow damson and apricot brandy myself! You can find them on the breakfast tables of some of the best food hotels in Hampshire, as well select shops and boutiques. You can also buy direct (More information is on the website) and I would advise you do so at the next available opportunity. You have a Gentleman Baker guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

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